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DSK Law is honored to be the provider law firm for all LegalShield℠ members in the northern half of Florida. We currently service over 60,000 members in Florida, providing a full range of quality and affordable legal services. These services include telephone consultations, review of documents, letter writing, will preparation, and representation on a wide variety of matters at a discounted rate. We can assist members in both English and Spanish.

LegalShield℠ develops, underwrites, and markets legal service plans across North America. LegalShield℠ currently has in excess of one million active members in North America. More information can be found at

Transcript of video:

I’m Dan Mantzaris – de Beaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal is the provider law firm for LegalShield for North and Central Florida. de Beaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal is a general practice law firm and has been practicing from our main office in Orlando since 1976, serving clients throughout the state of Florida. We have over 50 attorneys with experience in a broad variety of fields of law. In addition we have a network of referral attorneys that we can reach out to for assistance across the state when needed.
And, when exactly can you call? We want you to call us as often as you need legal assistance. Think of us as both a lawyer and your trusted friend because that is who we are. We are here for you! And every time you call we are prepared to deliver quality legal advice with the highest level of customer service possible. We want you to feel good every day knowing our law firm is dedicated to assisting you make better legal decisions, with the peace of mind that you have ready access to legal advice. We look forward to serving you!
We also want to know what you think about the services we deliver. If you ever have questions or concerns please contact LegalShield home office or us about the service you received.
We are very proud to be LegalShield’s Provider Attorney Firm for North and Central Florida. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your legal needs!

Helpful Links

Bankruptcy (bankruptcy filing forms) (lists approved credit counseling programs)

CHILD SUPPORT (Department of Revenue)

CONSUMER LAW (Federal Trade Commission) (Official site/free copy of all 3 credit reports) (FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs) (FL Attorney General)

COURT CLERKS by county of all clerk sites)






DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (FL) (FL Dept. of Transportation claims form

EMPLOYMENT (Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) (US Dept. of Labor)

FAMILY LAW FORMS (Florida Courts)

FLORIDA BAR (The Florida Bar)

FLORIDA GOVERNMENT (access to all FL county and state agencies)

FLORIDA STATUTES (Online Sunshine) (Florida State Senate)

IMMIGRATION (US Citizen & Immigration Services)

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (United States Patent and Trademark Office) (US Copyright Office)


SECURITIES (US Securities and Exchange Commission)

SOCIAL SECURITY (Social Security Administration)

TAXES & IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

UNCLAIMED PROPERTY (FL Dept. of Financial Services)

WORKERS COMPENSATION (Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims)

Service Standards

LegalShield℠ has set certain standards that apply to all provider firms in providing service to the members. Those standards are as follows:

Return Call from Attorney 8 business hours
Review of Documents 3 business days
Title 1 Letter or Phone Call 3 business days
Will Preparation 10 business days
Referrals 3 business days

Tips for Marketing Associates

If you are a marketing associate and have any questions concerning your provider law firm, marketing or contract issues, you are to contact the Home Office Marketing Department of LegalShield℠ at (580) 436-7424. If you have a question concerning your own LegalShield℠ contract, you are to contact the Home Office Customer Service Department at (800) 654-7757. The provider firm is not authorized and is prohibited by Home Office from becoming involved in any such issues. These two departments have experienced staff trained to assist you with these types of issues. Attempts to contact the provider firm will simply result in you being referred to Home Office. In your marketing efforts there may be an occasion when you have questions as to whether your provider firm will be able to assist a prospective member. Please do not call the provider firm with regards to prospects or to inquire as to whether we can help that prospective member. Such questions should be directed to the Home Office Marketing Department. If the Marketing Department should need any further information from the provider firm, they will contact us directly. We have been prohibited from becoming involved in these issues.

Please note the only two languages which the LegalShield℠ contracts are sold in the State of Florida are in English and Spanish. A member must be able to communicate in either of those two languages in order to be a member. If they are unable to communicate in either of those languages we will be unable to service that member. This will result in the cancellation of that membership and a refund of all monies.

DSK Law, in its Orlando office, hosts an Open House for associates. All associates are welcome but due to space limitations, pre-registration for this event is required. In order to make a reservation please call the LegalShield℠ Marketing Department at 580-436-7424. This is a very popular event and we ask that if you do make a reservation that you attend as you are preventing other associates the opportunity. Only those associates who have pre-registered will be allowed to attend.

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