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Experienced Criminal Law DUI Attorney in Orlando

If you drive a car then the potential is there for you to one day end up in traffic court. It could be an accident dispute or a case of negligent driving, property damage claims, or even an injury claim against you. With thousands of new drivers on Florida roads every day, all having their own driving habits the odds of it happening become greater all the time.

If you have received a summons to appear in court you need competent representation to avoid heavy fines or possibly even jail time. In Orlando, there’s only one firm you need to call. You need DSK Law Group.

50 Years of Criminal Law & DUI Expertise

Our savvy team includes former prosecutors and public defenders with the experience to benefit you in court, even with the most difficult cases. Those are our specialty. Our team handles everything for you from the depositions to filings to communication with the court. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you hired the best.

We offer representation for many areas of the law including personal injury litigation, insurance litigation, divorce, custody, and much more. With DSK Law at your side, you can be confident of the most advantageous outcome of your case.

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Our team is waiting to provide you with more information about our legal services or to schedule a preliminary meeting about your case. Contact us today and let’s begin the process together.

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