Our insurance defense and insurance fraud litigation attorneys handle cases for major insurance companies and defend cases on behalf of insureds that have insurance coverage with those insurers. Our attorneys have the skill, experience, and resources to handle the most complex insurance litigation, as well as the ability to efficiently and effectively handle cases from pre-suit through appeal.

Our insurance defense attorneys handle a variety of cases such as home and business premises liability claims, negligent security claims, car accident cases with personal injury, bodily injury, uninsured or underinsured motorist claims, wrongful death claims, no-fault claims, property and property damage claims, pollution or environmental claims, liquor liability claims and bad faith claims. We pride ourselves in taking the time to thoroughly analyze the issues, assert the appropriate legal defenses, examine the facts, and provide the best possible defense while seeking a fair result in every case.

The attorneys who practice in the area of insurance fraud litigation devote a large portion of their practice to representing insurers in all types of insurance fraud investigation and litigation. Our attorneys are experienced in using investigative tools such as examinations under oath, statutory document requests, clinic inspections, social media investigation, surveillance, and public record searches to combat insurance fraud. Our attorneys handle special investigative unit and multi-claim investigative unit matters including complex federal litigation, medical fraud cases, PIP fraud cases, coverage cases, and high dollar, policy limits cases.

In addition, we have experience handling professional liability claims relating to lawyers, architects and engineers, directors’ & officers’ claims, employment practices, fair labor standard act, and discrimination claims as well as general liability cases.

No matter what type of insurance policy or defense is at issue in your case, our lawyers will work diligently to analyze the relevant insurance policy language, assess potential liability or exposure and prepare the strongest case possible. DSK Law Group provides professional insurance litigation in the Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, and Melbourne, Florida areas.

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