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Presenting Personal Injury Claims at Mediation and Trial

Personal injuries often occur because of another’s careless actions and can be emotionally and financially devastating for the victims and their families.  When injuries result from any accident, a car crash, a slip and fall, a defective product or a professional error, DSK Law has the skilled and experienced lawyers to assist and protect you and your case needs.  Our attorneys will vigorously represent your legal interests as an injury victim at trial, arbitration and mediation.  We will analyze the available insurance coverage, prepare and present your claim, keep you regularly advised of the status, and advise you of the best course of action for obtaining a favorable result on your claim.

Vehicle Accidents of All Sorts

A common source of personal injuries is vehicle accidents.  In many cases, car, truck, trailer, Segway, 4-wheel vehicles, wheelchairs, bicycles, ski craft, boat, or aircraft accidents that result in injuries are caused by another person’s careless/accidental behavior.  When this situation occurs, the careless vehicle operator, the vehicle owner, and the vehicle manufacturer and seller, may be liable for your injuries, lost income, loss of body capacity or function and related expenses.  Our attorneys will evaluate the facts, prepare the witnesses and legal paperwork, present your claim, keep you regularly advised and work to guide you to the best result possible.

Slips, Falls and Property Use Accidents

Personal injury cases stem from injuries occurring on another party’s property or by your use of another’s property.  Injuries can result from careless or negligent conduct, or improper maintenance by the property owner, maintenance staff, or property occupant.  For instance, a business owner or operator may be liable to a person who falls or is otherwise injured on its property, if it created or permitted a hazard and failed to post warning about the hazard, or if it conducted activity on the property dangerous to other users or bystanders.  This type of case, called premises/land use liability, can give rise to a monetary recovery for the you and your family.  You need experienced advice to address these legal issues, sort them out, protect you and assist you in resolving these claims.

Defective Machinery, Drugs or Products

Products (household appliances, power equipment, drugs, hand tools, vehicles, boats, and their various parts) that are defective by reason of being poorly manufactured or carelessly designed often cause injuries to users and bystanders. These defective products injury claims can be brought by the injured victim against the manufacturer, designer, supplier, seller, repair agency or party who made modifications to that product.  Several of our attorneys have the thoughtful experience and skill sets to prepare your case for success.

Professional Carelessness

Professionals of all sorts such as, architects, accountants, dentists, doctors, radiologists, physical therapists, nurses, nursing home operators, contractors, security guards, lawyers, stock advisors, and all other professionals can be legally responsible for their careless conduct and misconduct in their handling a matter you have hired them to perform.  Many of our attorneys are experienced in reviewing, presenting, and trying professional negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, medical malpractice, legal malpractice and other professional misconduct claims. The DSK Law Group provides accomplished personal injury litigation in the Orlando, Melbourne, Tampa, and Tallahassee, Florida areas.

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