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Tallahassee Personal Injury Litigation Lawyer

Personal injury litigation is a branch of the law known as tort. Tort lawsuits involve a plaintiff who has been injured in some way and a defendant who has either intentionally caused that injury, breached a duty of care and is thus negligent in some way, or has breached a professional standard of service that has caused a plaintiff injuries.

DSK Law represents plaintiffs in any kind of personal injury lawsuit you can bring. If you’ve been injured by a negligent or an intentionally malicious act, our Tallahassee personal injury litigation lawyers can help you recover damages from the at-fault party.

Car Accident Litigation

While Florida is technically considered a “no-fault” state, there are situations under which an injured party can initiate a lawsuit against an at-fault party. These involve “serious” car accident injuries which, at minimum, would be broken bones. In these cases, a negligent driver can be sued for damages in excess one’s own car insurance coverage. DSK Law can help you recover those damages.

Premises Liability Litigation

A slip and fall attorney can help you with slip and fall accident lawsuits. Slip and fall accidents are the most common premises liability accidents, but they actually cover more types than those.

In other cases, a plaintiff can allege that a proprietor is responsible when they are attacked by someone else. These lawsuits are brought under the theory of negligent security. For instance, the venue where the Madden tournament shooting happened is currently being sued under the theory of negligent security.

Lastly, there are attractive nuisance lawsuits which allege that a company or homeowner left a dangerous condition unguarded and this resulted in someone’s (usually a child’s) injuries.

Product Liability Lawsuits

Product liability lawsuits allege that a product was either designed defectively or had a manufacturing defect and this resulted in injuries to a plaintiff. In addition, a company that produced a dangerous product can be sued if they neglected to warn their customers about a potential danger.

Recent lawsuits against talcum powder manufacturers are examples of a product liability lawsuit. These lawsuits allege that asbestos made it through the refining process of the talcum powder and caused a number of cases of cancer.

Professional Carelessness / Malpractice

The most common examples of malpractice lawsuits feature plaintiffs alleging that hospitals and doctors either made their condition worse or neglected to treat them. In these cases, it requires the expert opinion of an outside doctor to present an opinion to the court that the doctor acted negligently.

Others, however, can also be sued for malpractice—even lawyers. DSK Law can help you bring a suit against a professional who has failed in their duty to render competent services and caused you some loss as a result.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death lawsuits are also considered tort or personal injury lawsuits. In Florida, these lawsuits are brought by family members of the deceased on behalf of the victim’s estate. DSK Law can help you and your family recover damages when another’s negligence results in the death of a loved one.

Other Kinds of Personal Injury Lawsuits

DSK Law can also help you litigate the following types of personal injury lawsuits:

  • Defamation/libel/slander,
  • Dog bite cases,
  • Assault, battery, or maliciously intentional torts.

Contact a Tallahassee Personal Injury Lawyer

DSK Law has successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages for those injured by another’s negligence. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one, please give one of our Tallahassee personal injury lawyers a call and let us fight for you.

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