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Tallahassee Insurance Company Defense Litigation Lawyer

DSK Law understands the important role that insurance plays in mitigating many potentially crippling disasters that occur. When someone makes a claim on an insurance policy that they’ve paid into, they do deserve to be compensated according to the terms of the policy. This does not mean, however, that they should be paid out on fraudulent claims or in excess of what is reasonable or agreed upon.

DSK Law has successfully helped insurance companies defend themselves from overzealous personal injury attorneys and fraudulent claims. If you need a law firm that renowned throughout Florida for providing representation to insurance companies in litigation or you’re an insured party who is defending themselves against what you believe to be a bogus claim, please give our Tallahassee insurance company defense litigation lawyers a call or contact us online.

Home and Business Premises Liability Claim

When someone claims they’ve injured themselves on a property, they make a claim against the property owner’s homeowner’s insurance or in the case of a business, against the business owner’s commercial liability insurance. In some cases, these claims are valid and an employee or employees failed to remedy a dangerous condition. In other cases, the claimant created the situation that led to a dangerous condition or exacerbated the dangerous condition by behaving recklessly. In these cases, our firm may be able to eliminate or reduce your liability.

Negligent Security Claims

Negligent security claims are when an individual who was injured by a third party blames the host for their injuries. These claims are often made against nightclubs and bars. Recently, the venue where the fatal Madden tournament shooting happened is also being sued for premises liability. The key question is one of foreseeability. Could the host reasonably have foreseen that a violent incident might occur? Many negligent security lawsuits are merely targeted at hosts who may have deeper pockets than the responsible party.

Car Accident Injury Claims

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what injuries were caused in the car accident and what injuries an injured party may have had prior to the car accident. Florida’s PIP insurance is only meant to cover the former, not the latter.

Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death claims are among the most difficult for defense counsel to litigate. They often involve sympathetic plaintiffs who are grieving over the loss of a loved one. But in comparative fault states, the jury’s job is to assign blame. We have successfully defended insurance companies against wrongful death claims in which some or all of the blame lay at the feet of the deceased.

Bad Faith Claims

In some cases, insurance companies can be accused of denying claims in bad faith. DSK Law helps insurance companies defend themselves against such claims.

Insurance Fraud

If someone makes a fraudulent claim against an insurance company, we will fight tirelessly to expose them. We have helped a number of insurance companies investigate claimants and expose fraudulent claims.

Tallahassee Insurance Defense Lawyers

DSK Law’s insurance defense litigation team has helped countless insurance companies settle claims for fair amounts, expose fraudulent claims, and defended them against allegations of denying bad faith. If you’re interested in the services of one of Florida’s top insurance litigation teams, give our Tallahassee team a call or contact us online today.

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