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Deborah Mitchell Presenting at the Upcoming National Business Institute Seminar entitled “Handling the Police Liability Claim”

The Seminar is  being held in Orlando on February 7, 2013 and in Tampa on February 8,  2013.  The Seminar is designed to help legal professionals:

  • Stay current on state law involving civil actions against police departments and officers.
  • Equip lawyers to handle liability issues under 42 U.S.C. § 1983.
  • Get up to speed on the most common police officer liability issues, like excessive force and wrongful arrest.
  • Better understand the police investigation process and know what documents are available for discovery.
  • Hear the plaintiff’s perspective on filing a civil action against a police officer.
  • Understand the statutory immunities that are afforded to police officers.
  • Confidently bring or defend against police liability claims with practical tips from seasoned attorneys.

Deborah will be addressing  the following police liability issues in detail:

I.        Common Liability Issues

A.        Excessive Force

B.        Pursuit

C.        Wrongful Arrest and Malicious Prosecution

D.        False Imprisonment

E.        Shooting Incidents

F.        Automobile Incidents

G.        Detainee Suicides

H.        Off-Duty Activities

I.        Vicarious Liability of Supervisors and Department

II.        Defending a Police Liability Claim

A.        Initial Handling

B.        Affirmative Defenses

C.        Immunity (Statutory and Common Law)

D.        Discovery

E.        Motion for Summary Judgment

F.        Trial and Settlement

G.        Appeals

For more information on this Seminar please visit NBI’s website.

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