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When you’ve worked for a company for decades you begin to feel like you’re part of a big family. You have invested many years of your life working hard to improve their bottom line. You begin to feel secure in your position. But that position can change rapidly with no warning.

Suddenly, there is a new boss or a new owner. Things you were promised in your contract you are informed no longer apply. What about your benefits? What about your health insurance and your retirement account? From one day to the next you are let go with none of the things you expected to fall back on. If this is happening to you or a loved one you need DSK Law Group.

Experienced Attorneys that Fight for You

At DSK Law Group, we’ve handled hundreds of cases like yours and we can help you too. By standing up for your rights and demanding what’s yours you can move on to your next position with closure. Our lawyers have countless hours of courtroom experience. We handle everything from communications, documentation, depositions, and filings.

In addition to severance package issues, we also offer assistance with overtime pay, minimum wage claims, employment discrimination, sexual harassment claims, employment contract and non-compete issues, pregnancy discrimination assistance, and much more. We’re the dependable partner you need backing you up in court.

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