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Falling in love is a wonderful experience. When two people recognize each other as soul mates it’s a life-changing event. But sometimes this happy event occurs on distant shores. You could meet someone while traveling or studying abroad. Being together becomes much more difficult in these circumstances. Living with or marrying someone from another country is a complicated immigration issue. You’re going to need help.

The immigration team at DSK Law Group can help. Our legal team has decades of experience dealing with marriage and fiancé visas. We’ve helped hundreds of happy couples live together in the United States. We can help you too!

The Fiancé Visa Experts Near You

Reality shows about 90-day fiancés and the complex immigration issues they face only tell half the story. Behind the scenes are many hours of paperwork and applications. Don’t let the intricate immigration laws prevent you from marrying and living together in the U.S. Let our immigration team handle all documentation, filings, and communication on your behalf.

In addition to fiancé visas, we also offer assistance with family-based immigration matters, business and employment immigration issues, student visas, applications for citizenship and naturalization, and much more. We’re the dedicated legal partner you need for any immigration matter.

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Our compassionate team is waiting to assist you with more information about our services or to schedule a preliminary meeting about your situation. Contact us today. You’ll be glad you did!


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