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Expert Landlord-Tenant Attorney in Tallahassee

No one likes to be in a dispute, especially when it involves your home. The place where your family has shelter and comfort is sacred. In these difficult times, we all have livelihoods and homes on the line. That’s why when rental disputes happen it’s best for all parties to come to the table and work out a solution. Our mediation team can help you do just that. We’re DSK Law Group.

Our legal team has decades of experience with every type of law. We also have families and homes. We understand how critical it is for everyone to emerge from this crisis with their economy and lives intact. We’re here to help.

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When you contact us because you have been served with an eviction notice, we can advise on what to do next. We know the law and what your options are. And with the courts issuing rulings frequently, the changing landscape is not something you want to navigate alone. We can help.

Our legal services are also here for property owners trying to stay afloat. We realize that your costs haven’t diminished this past year even though your rental income has. We can help you too.

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Our knowledgeable team is waiting to provide you with more information about our services or to schedule a preliminary meeting about your legal options. Contact us today and get the help you need, no matter your situation.


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