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Melbourne Commercial & Business Litigation Lawyer

Disputes are common in the volatile Florida business environment and there’s a lot at stake for your business if they end up in the courtroom. While you cannot always avoid litigation, you do have control over your company’s destiny when choosing the right lawyers to represent your interests.

Our Melbourne commercial & business litigation lawyers at de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP have more than 40 years of combined experience advocating for companies involved in lawsuits. Whether we are pursuing or defending your interests in court, our lawyers will tackle the complex legal issues as we strive to obtain a favorable outcome for your Melbourne, FL business.

Business Litigation Skills Matter in the Courtroom

Our attorneys are prepared and stand ready aggressively represent your company when your profits, interests, and reputation are on the line. We are proficient at handling the complex legal issues that arise in commercial and business litigation cases for entities of all sizes. Our accolades include:

  • Florida Bar Association credentials in the areas of Civil Trial Law and Business Litigation;
  • National Board of Trial Advocacy honors in Business Litigation; and,
  • Recognition as experts in Civil Trial and Business Litigation by the Florida Bar.

The business litigation team at de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP tackles such complex trial issues as:

  • Breach of contract and contractual disputes;
  • Real estate lawsuits;
  • Litigation regarding partnerships, corporations, and other entities;
  • Conflicts related to residential and commercial leases;
  • Disputes arising out of foreclosures;
  • Collection of debt;
  • Creditors’ rights matters;
  • Construction litigation;
  • Intellectual property litigation and enforcement;
  • Fraud, misrepresentation, and tortious interference;
  • Shareholder disputes;
  • Uniform Commercial Code issues; and,
  • Many others.

How Our Lawyers Assist Before Litigation Becomes a Last Resort

Conflicts can quickly get out of hand, and they impact your business interests far beyond what can be measured in dollars. Your reputation is at stake, and you need to protect this valuable asset at all costs. Our business and commercial litigation lawyers at de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP appreciate these risks, which is why we are dedicated to advising you before a dispute explodes. When you sense that a lawsuit could be right around the corner, you cannot afford to stand by and watch things unfold.

Our attorneys work with companies on the brink of litigation, helping them take a step back to avoid the courtroom. We can assist you in navigating through a legal dispute, increasing the chances that you can avoid litigation – while also ensuring protection of your business interests.

Discuss Your Case with a Melbourne Commercial & Business Litigation Lawyer

The litigation team at de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP has the skills and experience to protect your company’s interests in a commercial or business lawsuit. If you foresee a legal conflict on the horizon, the time is now to retain our knowledgeable lawyers to advocate on your behalf. Business owners who are already embroiled in litigation can benefit from having an adept legal professional on your side. Please call 321-421-5529 to speak with one of the commercial and business litigation lawyers at our Melbourne offices. We can set up a consultation to review your circumstances and discuss strategy.

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