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Corporate law in Florida is complex and difficult to understand for anyone who does not have years of experience handling business transactions and other legal matters connected to corporations and small businesses in the state. In Orlando, the Florida Business Corporation Act governs many different legal issues related to corporate law in the state, from the incorporation of a business and the creation of bylaws to shareholder agreements to the dissolution of a corporation. In other words, the Florida Business Corporation Act governs most legal matters surrounding corporations from their creation to their termination.

If you need assistance with a corporate law issue in Orlando, you should speak with an Orlando corporate law attorney as soon as possible. At DSK Law, our Orlando corporate lawyers have decades of experience assisting clients with many different issues related to businesses and corporations in Florida. To learn more about how we help business owners and shareholders in Florida, you should get in touch with our firm as soon as possible.

Choosing a Business Structure in Orlando

One of the first steps in forming a new business in Orlando is choosing the structure of the businesses. Our advocates can help you to choose the business structure that is best suited to your needs, advising you of the benefits and limitations of each. Generally speaking, business owners in Florida can choose from the following types of business structures, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA):

  • Sole proprietorship: this type of business is typically the easiest to form and gives a small business owner complete control of the business. However, a sole proprietorship is not a distinct business entity. In other words, the liabilities and assets of the business are also the liabilities and assets of the small business owner, which means the owner can be personally liable for any debts associated with the business.
  • Partnership: this type of business is usually the easiest business structure for two or more individuals who want to form a business. They can choose between a limited partnership (LP) and a limited liability corporation (LLP).
  • Limited liability company (LLC): an LLC has some of the benefits of a partnership, along with some of the benefits of a corporation. For instance, if an LLC goes bankrupt, the business owners will not be personally liable for debts or damages. Another benefit is that LLCs do not have to deal with corporate taxes, but that means LLC owners must pay self-employment tax contributions. A downside is that LLCs tend to have a limited lifespan and must be dissolved after a certain amount of time.
  • Corporation: there are two general types of corporations, which include a “C corp” and an “S corp.” With a C corp, business owners need to pay corporate taxes, but the business can raise funds through stock sales and other means. In some situations, business owners can also choose a “B corp,” a “close corporation,” or a “nonprofit corporation” structure. 

Dealing with Orlando Business Disputes

In addition to business formations, our lawyers can help with a wide variety of business disputes and transactional matters. For instance, if there is a commercial real estate dispute, we can help negotiate the terms of a lease. Or, for example, if there is a shareholder dispute in a corporation, we can help to settle it. 

Seek Advice from an Experienced Orlando Corporate Lawyer

Corporate law involves many different legal issues affecting businesses and corporations in the Orlando area. From the formation of a new legal entity to legal steps to protect partners and shareholders in the event of the dissolution of the corporation, an experienced Orlando corporate lawyer at our firm can speak with you today about your concerns and can assist with your case.  Contact DSK Law today to learn more about the services we provide to businesses and corporations in Central Florida.

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