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Florida Insurance Litigation Attorneys Serving Clients in Orlando

Insurance law is a complex area that involves a variety of legal issues, from insurance fraud to unfair claim settlement practices. At some point, almost everyone has to deal with insurance in some capacity. Drivers in Orlando need to have auto insurance, and homeowners need to purchase homeowners’ insurance. Businesses are also required to pay for and to provide insurance in certain situations. When a person or an entity pays insurance premiums, the insurance company is required to provide certain benefits to the insured. While the insurance claims process is typically where insurance cases begin, it can become necessary to file a lawsuit in order to obtain compensation. If you need to take your insurance case to court, it is extremely important to have an experienced insurance litigation lawyer in Orlando to provide you with counsel.

At DSK Law, we know that insurance companies can face lawsuits even when they abide by the law, and we also know that insureds can be treated unfairly by insurance companies after filing claims. To learn more about how we can assist with your case, contact an experienced Orlando insurance litigation lawyer at our firm.

Types of Insurance Litigation Cases We Handle in Orlando

There are many different laws within Florida’s Insurance Code that can affect insurance litigation claims. Our aggressive Orlando insurance litigation lawyers handle a wide variety of lawsuits involving insurance litigation, including but not limited to the following:

  • Homeowners’ insurance claims, including hurricane insurance, flood insurance, and sinkhole coverage;
  • Premises liability lawsuits involving homeowners;
  • Premises liability lawsuits involving business owners, including cases related to negligent security, slip and fall accidents, and other matters;
  • Auto insurance cases, including personal injury claims arising out of negligence, no fault insurance cases, property damage claims, and uninsured or underinsured motorist claims;
  • Environmental insurance claims;
  • Liquor liability law issues;
  • Insurance bad faith;
  • Wrongful death lawsuits; and
  • Insurance fraud litigation.

Representing Orlando Clients in Insurance Litigation Matters

When our attorneys handle insurance defense cases, we work with clients who have filed claims and have been unfairly denied benefits. We also handle insurance defense cases in which insureds have been denied benefits in bad faith.

We also represent insurance companies in many types of insurance fraud cases. Our Orlando insurance litigation lawyers know how harmful insurance fraud is, and we employ a variety of techniques to combat insurance fraud and to advocate for insurance companies. For example, we regularly assist insurance companies with insurance fraud matters connected to personal injury cases from car accidents and premises liability lawsuits, as well as fraud claims involving policy limits and homeowners’ insurance.

Part of any insurance litigation practice also includes handling insurance claims related to professional liability. For example, attorneys can face lawsuits related to liability, as can healthcare providers, engineers, architects, and other professionals. When a claim involves an insurance policy, an aggressive insurance litigation lawyer at our firm can assist with the case.

Contact an Insurance Litigation Lawyer in Orlando

At DSK Law, we handle many different types of insurance litigation cases. Given that our Orlando insurance litigation lawyers handle claims on behalf of insurance companies as well as defending cases on behalf of insureds who pay insurance premiums, we understand how both sides of these cases work.

An Orlando insurance litigation lawyer can assist with your case. Contact DSK Lawfor more information.

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