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When you decide to open up a business in Orlando, or when you decide to expand the offerings of your small business, you will need to consider different commercial real estate options. Similarly, if you own commercial real estate and are considering new options for your property, it is important to have an experience Orlando real estate lawyer on your side. Or, if you are interested in getting involved in real estate acquisition, you will need an experienced advocate on your side to help negotiate the acquisition and subsequent real estate contracts.

At DSK Law, our Orlando real estate lawyers assist clients with many different types of legal issues involving real estate, from acquisitions to commercial real estate leases to complex sales. An advocate at our firm can discuss your situation with you and can provide you with more information about how we can help you.

Orlando Real Estate Attorneys Handling Complex Real Estate Transactions

The experienced Orlando real estate attorneys at our firm handle numerous real estate law matters, including but not limited to the following:

  • Real estate acquisition;
  • Pre-acquisition negotiations;
  • Contract preparation;
  • Contract review;
  • Closing and terms of sale;
  • Real estate development and new construction;
  • Construction loans;
  • Real estate valuation;
  • Zoning approval;
  • Construction permitting;
  • Sales and leasing transactions;
  • Eminent domain and other land use issues;
  • Building improvements;
  • Mortgage refinancing;
  • Mortgage foreclosure litigation;
  • Environmental issues related to real estate development; and
  • Commercial landlord/tenant matters.

Orlando Real Estate Lawyers Providing Services to Individual and Business Clients in Central Florida

Real estate law can involve many different issues. In some cases, new businesses or expanding businesses need assistance with real estate development. This process often involves scouting land for new construction and negotiating sales contracts. The real estate development phase can also involve dealing with eminent domain and land use issues, as well as zoning approval and pre-acquisition negotiations.

In other cases, a business owner may be struggling to keep the business afloat. As such, a business owner may need assistance with mortgage refinancing or mortgage foreclosure litigation. When sole proprietors come to us for assistance, we know that the business is linked directly to the individual’s finances, and w we strive to achieve a favorable outcome. Even when a large corporation is having difficulty keeping a business open, we recognize that the life of the business is tied to the livelihoods of shareholders and partners, and we do everything in our power to help our clients achieve a favorable result.

Contact an Orlando Real Estate Lawyer

When you are just opening a business and looking for a commercial property, or when you are considering new commercial real estate acquisitions but need assistance with contract preparation and negotiations, it can be extremely difficult to consider going through the processes without the help of an experienced advocate. An aggressive Orlando commercial real estate attorney can fight for your interests in any real estate matter, from acquisitions to sales. Contact DSK Law today to learn more about the services we provide to individuals and businesses in the Orlando area.

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