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Sexual harassment is similar to other types of harassment, but it is not exactly the same thing. As its name implies, sexual harassment is sexual in nature. It is more than harmless flirting; it is persistent, unwanted sexual advances and attention directed from one party toward another in a workplace.

When you face sexual harassment at work, you can suffer in a variety of ways. You might miss workdays from the mental stresses that come with being a harassment victim, and this can cause you to lose wages and potentially miss advancement opportunities because of your reduced productivity. You have the right to pursue compensation for these losses through a sexual harassment claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Contact our Orlando sexual harassment lawyers for help today.

Quid Pro Quo vs Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

There are two kinds of sexual harassment that can occur in the workplace: quid pro quo and sexual harassment that creates a hostile work environment.

Quid pro quo, Latin for “this for that,” is the type of sexual harassment that occurs when an individual in a position of power, typically a supervisor or another senior employee, offers a subordinate preferential treatment in exchange for sexual contact. He or she may offer a raise, a promotion, a more flexible schedule, or even protection from the consequences of poor work performance or behavior in exchange for romantic or sexual contact.

A hostile work environment is one where sexual harassment creates an abusive, uncomfortable environment. With this type of sexual harassment, there does not have to be a power imbalance between the harasser and the victim. Hostile work environment sexual harassment can include:

  • Using crude or derogatory language toward the victim;
  • Exposing the victim to sexually explicit images, videos, or text;
  • Asking the victim invasive questions about his or her sex life, sexual history, or sexual preferences;
  • Making unwanted physical contact with the victim;
  • Commenting on the victim’s body, face, or manner of dress; and
  • Making sexual advances toward the victim.

What to Do When you Face Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Document everything. This is the evidence you will use to support your claim if you choose to make one.

Before filing an EEOC claim, discuss your experience with your supervisor. Often, sexual harassment issues can be resolved internally. If that does not work, discuss your experience with Human Resources. Be sure to document these interactions too. If this does not make the harassment stop, contact an employment lawyer to discuss taking legal action through an EEOC claim or a lawsuit. You can pursue compensation for all of your sexual harassment damages this way.

Work with an Experienced Orlando Employment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is never acceptable in the workplace. If you have faced sexual harassment and suffered damages as a result, work with an experienced employment lawyer to make the issue right and potentially pursue monetary compensation for your related damages. Contact DSK Law today to schedule your initial legal consultation with us.

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