Civil Trial, Business Litigation, and Criminal Trial Lawyers Serving Clients throughout Florida

Most Floridians do not anticipate that they will need to hire a lawyer for a civil or criminal matter. However, legal issues can arise much more often than many people expect, and it is extremely important to have a dedicated advocate on your side who has experience handling cases like yours.

At DSK Law, we have decades of experience serving clients in Florida with a wide variety of legal issues. We have experience handling many different types of civil law issues, from insurance litigation and employment law cases to family law and bankruptcy. Part of our civil law practice also involves personal injury law cases, commercial and business litigation, and real estate. We also have experience handling criminal law matters, including criminal defense and traffic court cases. An advocate at our firm can speak with you today about your case and can discuss options for moving forward.

Types of Cases We Handle

With more than 55 attorneys employed at DSK Law, we have advocates with experience handling many different types of civil and criminal law cases. Our services range from large-scale counsel for businesses to advocacy work for individuals in personal legal matters. The following are the types of cases our firm handles:


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