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Tallahassee Commercial & Business Litigation Lawyer

DSK Law has been in business for a long time and we have aided our clients in protecting their interests. In some cases, these disputes needed to be resolved adversarially. Our business and commercial litigation department, headed by founding partner David H. Simmons, has helped resolve disputes that arise from doing business favorably for our clients.

Below is a non-exhaustive look at the kinds of cases our Tallahassee commercial & business litigation lawyers can handle.

Breach of Contract

Among the services that DSK Law provides are contract review and preparation. When one party fails to live up to their end of an agreement, we can help the injured party sue for compensatory damages. In addition, if you are facing allegations of breach of contract we can likely negotiate a deal that you can live with or vigorously defend you from the allegations.

Property Disputes

Property disputes often arise when one party fraudulently advertises a property or conceals key problems with it. In addition, there may be issues with commercial or residential tenants, contractors paid to make key changes to the property, foreclosures, liens, and other serious problems. With decades of experience, our attorneys can help you resolve these problems favorably.

Corporate Partnership or Related Disputes

Disputes between partners, owners, or investors can get very intense. DSK Law has successfully managed a number of these disputes and resolved them favorably for our clients.

Residential and Commercial Landlord Litigation

Commercial landlords rely on construction companies to ensure that the space they are renting to their client meets their needs. It’s a significant investment and when that client does not fulfill their end of the bargain, the costs to the landlord can be tremendous. Even when the rented property is residential, the landlord takes a risk by simply renting the property. DSK Law has successfully helped landlords evict tenants at their own expense.

In addition, if you are a tenant who feels they are being treated unfairly by their landlord, we can help you fight an eviction or sue for retaliation.

Creditors’ Rights Litigation

Our business leaders can protect creditors and help them recover the money that they’re owed. One of the services DSK Law provides is creditors’ rights litigation. Contact our office for more details.

Business Torts

Businesses set themselves up to be sued for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this is caused by a defective product, unsafe construction practices, or instances in which alleged negligence led to an injury. Our attorneys help businesses defend themselves from these claims and ensure that their rights and interests are respected in court.

Commercial Fraud

If you’ve been defrauded by another company our team of attorneys will research the situation thoroughly and provide a thorough case against that company.

Contact DSK Law for More Information about Our Commercial and Business Litigation Division

Our Tallahassee commercial and business litigation lawyers have helped resolve an almost uncountable number of disputes for our clients. When litigation was necessary, our team was prepared to fight tenaciously for our clients’ interests. Give us a call or contact us online to set up an appointment.

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