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Tallahassee Construction Lawyer

Disputes arise in construction and development deals because there are so many players involved. Each has their own responsibilities and obligations and when one agency does hold up their end of the bargain this can stifle the entire process. While there is a time and a place for litigation, mediation is often a faster less expensive way to move forward.

The Tallahassee construction lawyers at DSK Law have experience managing all interests in construction and development projects. We have skilled litigators who can help your company protect its interests in a construction venture. We also offer arbitration services when needed. In addition, we can defend your company against government regulatory infractions, including, but not limited to OSHA violations.

Central Florida Construction Litigation Attorneys 

The attorneys at DSK Law have experience both as plaintiff and defense counsel for companies alleging a number of contract violations, breaches of warranty, and more. This includes:

  • Construction defect lawsuits. These often involve allegations that the work performed breaches the warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. The State of Florida does recognize implied warranties. Our attorneys can help you bring a lawsuit against a company that has breached their obligations either laid out in a contract or by implication. We can also help defend your company if it is being targeted by such a lawsuit.
  • Construction delay lawsuits. While many construction contracts may contain a ‘no damages for delay’ clause these clauses do not cover certain kinds of delays. If the delays are based on contractor incompetence or malfeasance, your company should not have to eat the costs of delay. We can protect your interests if preventable delays occur.
  • Professional malpractice lawsuits. When you contract a company to build, renovate, or refit an existing building, you expect that it will be done in accord with local building codes and comply with client specifications. In cases where a negligent error is made, we can help you resolve disputes with the offending company and bring about an outcome that suits everyone’s needs.

Construction General Law Issues

In addition to protecting your investment through the process of litigation, we can also help your company prevent foreseeable problems from arising before they set you back. We can ensure that you get the permits you need, help your company purchase valuable pieces of real estate, and perform due diligence on any acquisitions you make. We also perform contract review and other necessary services to ensure your construction project goes ahead as planned.

DSK Law Provides Florida’s Developers with Top Quality Legal Representation 

Our attorneys have worked on all sides of the construction trade. Utilizing our experience, dedication, and legal knowledge we ensure that development projects run smoothly and according to plan. If there is one bad actor in the mix, it could result in needless delays. When that happens, our construction litigation attorneys can help your company recover damages for wasted time and money.

If your company needs top quality representation in Tallahassee or Central Florida, please feel free to give DSK Law a call and set up an appointment.

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