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Tallahassee Corporate Lawyer

Corporate law is an umbrella term that incorporates a broad array of services. These services range anywhere from drafting private placement memorandums (PPM) to business litigation. DSK Law helps startups get their feet off the ground and established corporations protect their interests in financial transactions and litigation.

The Tallahassee corporate lawyers at DSK Law have decades of experience helping our corporate clients realize their goals. Those seeking legal counsel to manage their undertakings have found one of the most distinguished law firms in the Tallahassee area. Contact DSK Law and we can sit down and discuss your needs and ambitions.

Business Litigation Services

DSK Law has a number of skilled litigators on staff and as partners whose combined legal experience puts no aspect of business litigation out of reach. We can help you:

  • Sue or defend yourself in a lawsuit against another business for breach of contract;
  • Defend yourself in an employment lawsuit alleging civil rights or wage violations;
  • Establish non-compete agreements that will hold up in court;
  • And establish reputable legal defenses to civil litigation, personal injury lawsuits, worker’s injury lawsuits, or other allegations.

DSK Law recognizes that mistakes happen in the corporate world and it’s almost impossible to be in business without (at one time or another) being sued. We can help your business protect itself from civil litigation or commercial litigation that can damage both your reputation and your corporate coffers.

General Corporate Services 

  • Due diligence services. Before you make a major play for or with another company, our attorneys can help investigate that business to ensure that your interests are protected. DSK Law provides our clients with due diligence in order to protect them decisions that could cause serious financial harm to their company.
  • Annual report services. Florida requires all incorporated entities to file annual reports with the State Division of Corporations. Our attorneys can manage this task for you.
  • C corporation and S corporation services. The main difference between these two corporations is how they file their income taxes. Our attorneys provide tax law services that will ensure you maintain compliance with both state and federal law.
  • LLC services. We help Florida businesses establish themselves as an LLC under federal and state law. There are a number of advantages to the LLC business structure and our attorneys can also help make recommendations to start-ups on what makes sense for their goals.

Contact a Central Florida and Tallahassee Corporate Lawyer Today

DSK Law offers our clients a broad array of corporate legal services. We are in the businesses of helping your business succeed. We can help you maintain compliance with State of Florida and Federal regulations, protect your business from civil litigation, and perform due diligence and extensive research on any transactions you plan on making.

Our combined experience, knowledge, and dedication are at your disposal. Our corporate lawyers have been recognized by the Florida Bar and other prestigious organizations for their achievements throughout their many years of practice. If you are looking for a legal team to take care of any of your business’s legal needs, you won’t regret retaining DSK Law.

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