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Tallahassee Local Government & Municipal Lawyer

DSK Law has years of invaluable experience representing cities, counties, and other constitutional authorities in all manner of municipal conflicts. Our experience as business and commercial litigation attorneys gives us a firm basis for representing the interests of cities and counties when a dispute arises.

Since our firm operates across a number of districts, our Tallahassee local government & municipal lawyers have experience managing the unique problems that arise from different districts. Below is a non-exhaustive description of some of the services that we provide.

Elected and Appointed Board Representation

School districts, boards, and schools themselves are involved in an increasing amount of litigation each year. Conflicts arise from students, teachers, administrators, unions, and a number of other interests as well.

Conflicts also arise in city councils, community development districts, zoning boards, and personnel review boards. The attorneys at DSK Law can assist city and county governments in arbitration and litigation.

Land Use and Zoning Disputes and Representation

City officials are often engaged in land use, construction, and other development-related issues. Municipal law attorneys can help resolve disputes, look over contracts, and successfully resolve smaller problems before they become larger ones. As business litigation attorneys, we have represented the interests of all major interests in construction and development disputes. This gives us a unique insight into managing disputes for municipalities.

Civil Rights, Employment, and Human Resources Issues

DSK Law attorneys can help municipal governments manage ADA and FMLA compliance claims as well as represent governments in collective bargaining matters. Our attorneys have experience representing both sides of wrongful termination claims and other civil rights claims and we can help you resolve unemployment, benefits, and pension complaints.

Collective Bargaining Mediation

Employees may feel as though they’re not being paid competitive wages. On the other hand, your municipality may feel as though meeting their demands is not in the fiscal best interests of the public or the municipality. The attorneys at DSK Law can help you find ways to resolve the dispute amicably.

Municipal Contracts and Transaction Attorneys

Our attorneys can help municipalities draft, review, or negotiate contracts for anything from school building contracts to other kinds of development projects. This includes partnerships with private entities. If a dispute arises over a contract, we can represent the municipality’s interests in the resolution of the dispute. Our background in business and transactional law can be a major asset to a municipality.

Administrative Litigation

Municipalities operate under local or state rules regulating how decisions are made. These are governed by operational or administrative procedures that, when broken, can result in investigations and litigation. Our attorneys can help protect you in these cases.

Civil Litigation

Municipalities enjoy some protection from civil liability, but that protection is not limitless. DSK Law provides representation to municipalities in civil litigation.

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DSK Law draws on our vast background in business, contract, and transactional law to provide municipalities with peerless representation. Our background in employee rights, discrimination, and tort law provide municipalities with an extra layer of protection. Give one of our Tallahassee local government and municipality lawyers a call or contact us online and we can represent your municipality’s interest in a dispute or deal.

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