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Tallahassee Wills, Probates, & Estates Lawyer

Those with even a modest amount of assets should enlist the aid of an estate planning attorney to draft a valid legal will. This will help avoid disputes from arising later. In addition, our Tallahassee wills, probates & estates lawyers can help you set up revocable living trusts that can pass your assets on without going through probate. There are several advantages to doing this. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the estate planning services that we provide as well as representation for those in probate-related disputes.

Tallahassee Probate Lawyers

When a will is drafted, it names an executor or personal representative of the estate. A probate attorney can help the executor administer the deceased’s property. In cases where there is no will, the assets are distributed in accord with the laws of intestate succession. This means an executor (called an administrator) will need to petition the court to serve in the role of executor. The attorneys at DSK Law can also help our clients with that process.

A probate attorney can also analyze the will of the deceased to make sure that it wasn’t signed under duress or that the deceased was “of sound mind” when they drafted the will. In addition, probate attorneys:

  • Collect life insurance proceeds;
  • Appraise the deceased’s property;
  • Can help settle debts left to the estate;
  • Determine what taxes will be owed;
  • Secure the deceased’s assets;
  • And draft and file documents with the court.

Tallahassee Will Attorneys

You don’t need an attorney to draft a will, but wills made by attorneys are much more likely to be uncontested by heirs. Nowadays, you can make a will using online programs or using a program like Quicken. Nonetheless, those with complex estates should enlist the aid of an attorney to help them with the process.

In addition, an attorney can help you establish a healthcare proxy or financial durable power of attorney if you become incapacitated or can no longer make decisions on your own behalf.

Complex Estate Planning Services for Tallahassee Residents

The attorneys at DSK Law can advise our clients on the value of living trusts for managing their estates. Trusts have a number of distinct advantages the biggest of which is that assets distributed through a trust can avoid probate. This means that asset transfers are not a matter of public record (unless it’s real estate that’s being transferred). These assets will be distributed upon your death and immediately into the hands of your heirs. They will not be tied up in the probate process and your creditors will not be able to claim first dibs on these assets. In order to claim assets held in a trust, the creditor is forced to sue the trust which is a more complex process.

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DSK Law can help you manage and implement your estate plan regardless of what stage of your life you are in. Our Tallahassee estate planning lawyers can also represent different parties interests in probate matters or help executors manage the distribution of the estate and any issues that arise from it. Give us a call or contact us online for more information.

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