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If your case goes to an appellate court, you need an attorney who can quickly and accurately state your case. The Tampa appeals attorneys here at DSK Law practice in federal and state court at all level of appeals, and know how to appease appellate judges by getting to the point quickly. We handle appeals for cases that we were originally litigated in trial court, as well as appeals cases specifically referred to us. With DSK Law, you will work with a legal team prepared to take on any type of appeals case. Our Tampa appeals lawyers have mastered the technique of distilling complex litigation into a condensed written brief that accurately outlines compelling legal arguments and only the most critical facts. This type of focused work is crucial for winning a case in appellate court.

Chances of Your Case Getting Appealed

Appeals filings have actually been on the rise in recent years, according to U.S. Courts. The chances of any given trial case being appealed depend strongly on what is being litigated. However, overall it is somewhat common for a case to be taken to an appellate court. According to the Department of Justice, litigants in 15 percent of general civil cases file appeals. For tort cases, the chance of a litigant filing an appeal is 11 percent, for cases that involve contracts 21 percent of litigants file appeals, and 24 percent of litigants in property cases file appeals. Moreover, the “higher the stakes,” the greater the chances are of a court decision being challenged by being appealed. As such:

  • One third of products liability cases and 18 percent of medical malpractice cases are appealed—both of which generally involve a great sum of money on the table due to large insurance policies; and
  • On the other hand, only five percent of traffic collision trials go to appeals due to the relatively small awards, on average.

We Assist Clients Fighting to Keep the Trial Decision, and Clients Who Want a Different Judgement

Whether your original trial case was lost and you want to appeal the decision in appellate court, or you won the trial case and the other party is challenging the decision, our attorneys can help. No matter what side you are on, the Tampa appeals attorneys here at de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal can provide the legal assistance needed to win your case.

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Not just any law firm can properly handle an appeals case, as appellate courts operate under different rules than trial court. Appeals attorneys must have specific knowledge and skill sets to walk away with a successful appeals verdict. Our attorneys have obtained appellate decisions from the Florida Supreme Court and can handle all types of appeals cases. Reach out to the Tampa lawyers at DSK Law for all of your appellate needs.

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