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Tampa Employment Lawyer

As an employee in the city of Tampa, you have certain rights that are inherent to your position as a wage earner. These rights and protections are provided by both state and federal laws, and they are designed to ensure that you are employed in a workplace that treats its employees fairly and appropriately.

Employment issues can be complicated, and knowing whether you are the victim of a breach of employment law may be unclear. If you think that your rights as an employee have been violated, our experienced Tampa employment lawyers at the offices of de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP can help. Please call us today to learn more about your options and how we can serve you.

Our Employment Law Practice Areas

We are able to represent employees whose rights have been violated in relation to a myriad of different employment law matters. Specifically, the majority of our employment law work focuses on:

  • Wage and hour disputes. Employers have a legal obligation to offer their employees the state minimum wage of $8.25 per hour, and to ensure that for any hours worked over 40 in a seven-day period, employees are compensated at a rate of 1.5 times their normal wage. Depending upon the industry in which you work, your age, and your classification as an employee, you may also be entitled to paid time off and paid break periods.
  • Sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in the workplace is more pervasive than ever before. You have the right to maintain employment in an office that is free from such harassment. When sexual harassment occurs, employers need to take action immediately. If the harassment has been discriminatory or has created a hostile work environment, you need to consult an employment lawyer today.
  • Federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of a number of different factors, including race, religion, pregnancy, sex, origin, ethnicity, and more. If you believe that you are being discriminated against in the workplace, let our lawyers explain the remedies available to you.
  • Wrongful termination. While the majority of employees in Tampa are at-will employees, which means that they can be terminated at any time without cause, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, employees cannot be fired in retaliation for filing a discrimination complaint, filing a workers’ compensation claim, reporting an unsafe workplace condition, or doing any other protected activity.

If you are the victim of another type of employment dispute that is not listed above, please call us. If we are not able to represent you, we are happy to refer you to another qualified lawyer.

Our Tampa Employment Lawyers Protect Your Rights

If your rights as an employee in Tampa have been infringed upon, you have legal options. Let our team guide you through filing a complaint or filing a lawsuit against your employer, and the different remedies that may be available to you. You can reach us today for a free consultation by calling our Tampa employment lawyers directly or sending us a message telling us more about your employment law matter today.

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