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Tampa Real Estate Lawyer

According to Forbes, Tampa is the second fastest growing metro area in Florida, and the 10th fastest in the entire country, with nearly 55,000 new residents in 2016 alone. To be sure, real estate is booming in Tampa, with new commercial developments going under construction continuously, condominiums changing hands frequently, and homes rising almost as fast as the tide comes in. For all of your real estate needs, whether you are a developer or residential home buyer or seller, our Tampa real estate lawyers at DSK Law are just a quick phone call away. 

Assisting With Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Both residential real estate and multi-million-dollar commercial property transactions will benefit from the aid of an experienced real estate attorney for a variety of reasons. To name a few of our services for commercial real estate deals, we can assist with financing, mechanic’s liens, landlord-tenant issues, leases, land use and development, titles, and much more. Residential real estate transactions may be lower in terms of dollar amount, but the personal investment in finding and securing your family’s dream home is just as high, if not higher, for large commercial deals. As such, an attorney may prove invaluable in closing, title disputes, zoning and land use issues, mortgages, and more. We are with our clients every step of the way. From pre-acquisition negotiations and contract review to transaction and closing, the Tampa attorneys of DSK Law will ensure that no mistakes are made on either side, and that your best intentions are adhered to.

Legal Oversight of Project Development for Maximized Results

Our attorneys help clients complete with eminent domain matters and development of commercial and residential real estate by assisting with:

  • Governmental review to ensure proper zoning and construction permitting;
  • Utilizing experts to complete due diligence studies;
  • Lease transactions; and
  • Sales transactions.

Landlord Tenant Matters and Foreclosure Protection

The four most common landlord-tenant disputes, according to Huffington Post, include tenant violations of city ordinances, late or no rent payments, damaged property, and lease disputes. Many of these nasty issues can be avoided with the proper education of the landlord, and a thorough and legally binding lease agreement, both of which an attorney can assist you with. When it comes to more complex matters or disputes that cannot be resolved between the two parties without outside pressure, we are prepared to go to court. Our lawyers also handle foreclosure litigation to keep your property in your hands.

Ensuring That Your Tampa Real Estate Transaction Goes Smoothly

We want to ensure that you get in your new home as fast and efficiently as possible, that your development project gets clear of any hurdles that come up, and that any other real estate transaction is as smooth as possible.The Tampa law offices of DSK Law have been providing experienced legal advice and complex real estate services to the residents and business owners of Tampa and the surrounding area since 1976. We serve individuals, partnerships, and corporations in virtually all matters of real estate. Contact the Tampa real estate lawyers at de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal to schedule a free consultation at once.

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