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Melbourne Bankruptcy Lawyer

Federal bankruptcy laws offer multiple options for individuals and businesses seeking relief from debt. However, there are eligibility rules and procedural requirements that are more complicated than you may expect. Plus, the future implications can affect your personal or business interests well into the future.

Our Melbourne bankruptcy lawyers at de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP can advise you on the pros and cons of various forms of bankruptcy. We will guide you through the process, which can be complicated when you are dealing with multiple creditors and restructuring concerns. Please contact our Melbourne, FL office for more information on filing bankruptcy in Florida. You may also find it useful to review an overview about the different types of proceedings.

Bankruptcy Cases We Cover for Debtors

Our team has extensive knowledge in the relevant laws covering bankruptcy proceedings, so we can assist in developing a strategy to protect your interests as much as possible. Our firm handles the three main types of bankruptcy cases, which are:

  • Chapter 7: This section of the code applies to individuals seeking to eliminate their debts, which will require selling off certain assets. For this reason, Chapter 7 is termed “liquidation” bankruptcy proceedings. There are serious consequences for your credit rating, so you should discuss the implications with a bankruptcy attorney.
  • Chapter 11: Intended for businesses that need time to restructure their debts, Chapter 11 allows protection of assets during reorganization. The company does not close its doors and can usually stay afloat. This type of bankruptcy can be very complex because it requires intense review of assets, income, and debts, and work with creditors.
  • Chapter 13: This chapter is essentially reorganization, but for individuals. Chapter 13 is best suited for debtors who cannot keep up with bills and receive constant demands from creditors. With this bankruptcy option, you may be able to keep your house if you are able to pay your mortgage under a settlement plan.

Special Considerations in Bankruptcy Cases

Bankruptcy is the creation of federal law, and there is no equivalent under Florida law. All statutes, filings, and court hearings proceed in federal court. As such, you need a lawyer that is licensed to practice in federal court. Our attorneys have license to practice before all District Courts and the 11thCircuit Court of Appeals.

Legal Representation for Creditors in Florida

We also assist creditors in bankruptcy cases, as you have rights against the debtor who is attempting liquidation or restructuring. It is understandable that you want to protect your interests under loans, leases, secured claims, liens, and other arrangements. Our attorneys can help if you need to defend against charges involving violations of consumer rights laws as well.

Discuss Your Options with a Melbourne Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you want to know more about bankruptcy and your rights, please call 321-421-5529 to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer at de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP in Melbourne today. We can schedule a consultation with a lawyer who can explain the process and tell you more about your options.

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