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Tallahassee Real Estate Lawyer

Regardless of whether or not you’re purchasing residential real estate as an investment or are in the process of acquiring a multi-million-dollar piece of commercial property, the attorneys at DSK Law can help you protect your interests during the transaction and any other legal needs you may have.

Our Tallahassee real estate lawyers have the skill and experience to walk you through each step in the process. This includes:

  • Pre-acquisition negotiations
  • Contraction preparation and review
  • And completion of the transaction

We also provide closing agent services.

Developer’s Services

If your project is in the preliminary development stages, you will have access to a number of our field experts who can help with the process of valuation of the property. In addition, we will help with the process of government review including zoning approval and getting construction permits. This can include post-construction services and sales and leasing.

Our attorneys make it possible to minimize the effect of disputes and streamline the drudgery of wading through government regulations.

Commercial Landlord Services

Commercial real estate law is many times more complex than residential. When a landlord must evict a commercial tenant, instead of vacating the premises, the commercial tenant’s tendency is to draw out the process as long as possible in litigation. Our attorneys can anticipate this tactic and help a commercial landlord re-rent the property quickly.

In addition, we can help:

  • Landlords file for a commercial eviction;
  • Tenants fight a commercial eviction;
  • Landlords file claims for unpaid rent;
  • Landlords file claims for lease violations or non-monetary defaults;
  • Landlords file claims for property damage;
  • And tenants file claims for breach of guarantee.

Typically, disputes between landlords and tenants break out when one or both parties does not feel the other is living up to their obligations under the terms of the lease. Our experienced real estate attorneys can help you negotiate a deal that meets both side’s needs and resolves the dispute before it goes into expensive and time-consuming litigation.

Residential Landlord/Tenant Disputes

DSK Law represents those engaged in landlord/tenant disputes. These include eviction orders, landlord and tenant liability, landlord retaliation lawsuits and more. If you have a tenant who is behaving badly or your landlord is behaving badly, the attorneys at DSK Law will fight for your rights under Florida law.

Mortgage Foreclosure Litigation

If the bank has foreclosed on your house, you can walk away if you want but if you want to fight the foreclosure, DSK law can help. There are a number of options at your disposal other than vacating your home. We will comb through all of the paperwork and ensure that it’s truthful and factual. We will also ensure that the mortgage holder has not taken liberties with your mortgage. If your home is in foreclosure, DSK Law can help.

Talk to a Tallahassee Commercial and Residential Real Estate Lawyers Today

de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris, and Neal have the experience and manpower to represent your interests in any commercial or residential real estate transactions and eminent domain matters. From contract review to agent services to litigation, our team of distinguished professionals will stand by our clients as they make a major investment in their future. Contact our Tallahassee commercial and residential real estate lawyers today either online our phone and we can begin discussing your goals today.

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