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de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal (also known as DSK Law) is a general practice law firm with over 125 dedicated lawyers and paralegals who can handle everything from traffic violations to class action lawsuits. Led by founding partners Hugo H. de Beaubien, David H Simmons, and Kevin Knight and named partners Daniel F. Mantzaras and Thomas F. Neal, we have litigated suits across a wide array of specialty practices and industries. Our talented team has secured a number of favorable judgments for our clients.

Chances are, if you have a problem, we will be able to solve it. Give our Tallahassee lawyers a call or contact us online for more information.

Insurance Litigation Lawyers

Our attorneys defend the interests of insurance companies against claimants. Insurance companies are not obliged to pay out fraudulent claims and require effective defense counsel even against valid claims against a policy. Injury attorneys may attempt to extract every penny they can from an insurance company. We help insurance companies settle claims at a fair price.

Commercial & Business Litigation Attorneys

DSK Law has years of experience litigating commercial and business interests. Our attorneys include board-certified experts in civil trial law and business litigation and are recognized by both the Florida Bar and the National Board of Trial Advocacy. We’ve managed cases for both smaller companies with a handful of employees and national institutions.

Immigration Lawyers

DSK Law helps those who are looking for a better future in the U.S. manage increasingly stringent federal requirements. We can help those who wish to immigrate to the U.S. obtain lawful permanent resident status, apply for marriage visas, defend themselves against deportation orders, apply for asylum, apply for citizenship, and more.

Employer and Civil Rights Attorneys

DSK Law helps employees file wage theft lawsuits, sexual harassment lawsuits, discrimination lawsuits, wrongful termination lawsuits, and whistleblower protections lawsuits. We can also help employers better train and educate their staff so that discrimination, sexual harassment, and other problems that plague the workplace don’t occur. Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with these and other employment claims.

Government and Municipal Law Attorneys

The attorneys at DSK Law have years of experience helping cities, counties, and government institutions defend themselves from civil litigation. Among our attorneys are those who have served as special magistrates for zoning matters or code enforcement. We have defended school districts, managed municipal transactions and contracts, and worked on employment issues including, but not limited to, collective bargaining.

Bankruptcy Attorneys 

Our attorneys have helped individuals, couples, and businesses file for bankruptcy.

Real Estate, Corporate, Construction, & Transactional Lawyers

DSK Law attorneys can help you manage every aspect of a major commercial real estate transaction. In addition, we can help with construction licenses, permits, and issues with leases. As corporate attorneys, we can help you protect yourself from liability as well as ensure compliance with Florida State and federal laws.

Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

DSK Law has a number of attorneys who specialize in all aspects of family law. This includes everything from high-asset divorces to adoption.

Criminal Defense and Traffic Court Attorneys

Our skilled defense attorneys can help defend you against a wide variety of both state and federal criminal charges. This includes everything from DUI to white-collar crimes to violent crimes.

Tort and Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’ve sustained a serious injury, the attorneys at DSK Law can help you sue a negligent party for damages. We handle everything from traffic accidents to major class action lawsuits involving multiple plaintiffs.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Our attorneys can help you draft an uncontestable will or set up living trusts to disburse your assets after you pass. We can also help you set up durable power of attorney should you become incapacitated.

Appeals Attorneys 

Appealing a case is much different than trying one. DSK Law’s attorneys have managed appeals in the past and can help our clients keep the ball in play.

Tallahassee’s Top General Practice Law Firm

Our distinguished Tallahassee lawyers distill decades of experience and success to bring our clients the best possible representation. If you have a problem, our firm can solve it. Give us a call or contact us online today.

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